Diablurh 3 Hardcore

I started playing with the first  of the three games, and have played a ridiculous amount of all.  Particularly the second one.  I never played hard core in D2 however.  I made my first HC character, a wizard, a few weeks back.  She died at level 12.  My second HC character was also a wizard.  She was almost at paragon 25 and had pretty spiffy gear, 99% of which had been given to me.  Hundreds of millions of gold worth.  No idea how she died, either.  Unstable Anomaly didn’t go off.  I went from full health to dead.  Incredibly frustrating.  I feel really bad about the people who gave me gear, even though all of them seem to have shrugged it off.  They told me to just start a new character and try again.

If I do Twitch stream some Diablo 3, in addition to playing Skyrim (which is the top choice so far from http://strawpoll.me/502349 ) I’ll PROBABLY not be playing HC.  Too frustrating.  😦  On the upside, I’m supposed to get my hands on my new computer on Monday.  And I have my headset back, and the mic is properly working.  Thus far.

Quick Update

Fall quarter starts for me on the 23rd, and I’ve not been up to too terribly much.  I turned 25 at the end of August… and I’ve been playing ungodly amounts of Borderlands 2 and having a blast.  Got myself a sexy new gaming keyboard and mouse with gift cards from my b-day.  I need to stop being lazy and apply for a couple of universities that I may want to attend for my bachelor’s, but I admit, I find the process intimidating…  Applying for my FAFSA is way easier.

Generally doing pretty ok otherwise.  Hope everyone is doing great too ❤


I haven’t gone to class at all this week.  Medications aren’t doing anything.. think I may just toss the rest.  Trying to tell myself that I must go to class tomorrow.  Is a bad trend.  I think I’ve skipped class about a dozen days so far.  Am on week 5 of a 6 week long summer quarter.  I don’t want to keep trying to make myself do anything.  I’m too old to believe when people tell me things will be ok.  There is no magic wand to wave to make things better.  Since class on Friday I’ve spoken once to a person, face to face.  Hermit.  I wish I was a hedgehog.  Curl into prickly ball, tell the world to leave me alone.

Skin hunger, touch hunger, though.  Torn.  Need to make myself ask for help.  So hard for me, though.  Weak.  I hate feeling weak.

Fluster Cluck

I’m feeling like a chicken running around with my head cut off.

I finished 19 chapters of book work for Phlebotomy in.. 11 days.  I took the final on the 12th day of being in class.  I’m going to be spending most of my time next week in driving class to refresh my memory on how to do that shizz.  I do “pokes” on Thursday, sticking people with needles for the first time ever.  After I get the vein successfully 25 times, I go off to do a week of clinicals.  After that, the only thing left is the certification exam, which is national.  *nervous* Ugh.  I also have to do a 3 day class called “exit” at some point, which is mandatory for me to graduate from Job Corps.  I’m not 100% sure where I’ll be after I leave/finish up.  I’m hoping my dad will let me stay with him through the summer, until Fall Quarter starts.  I’m going to be going back to the community college I attended previously, to get my Associate of Arts and Science degree finished up.  I think it’ll only take two quarters, thankfully.  After that, hopefully I’ll be going to a university to get a bachelor’s.

I’ve been stressing out like mad due to the stupid bitches in my dorm, as well as the dumb twats in my room.  I have nothing against sharing living space with females.  I do have something against sharing living space with moronic teenagers who think they’re hot shit.  People who think it’s a GREAT idea to go on a weekend pass/personal leave, so they can try to get pregnant, when they’re 18, and have nothing going on in their life.  People who have never held a job, never lived on their own, but think they know everything.  It’s ever so slightly ridiculous.  I will freely admit I do plenty of stupid things still.  I have, however, learned a lot from the major fuck ups I made in the past, and believe me, there were some big ‘uns.

Um, what else?  I miss my friends, I miss my son, I miss my family…  I got back in touch with a friend of mine from when I attended college before, so that was back when I was 16.  It has been really nice catching up.  During my downtime at Job Corps I’m typically reading, playing on my laptop, and texting.  Mostly my buddy from college and one other person.

Speaking of one other person… he’s someone I’ve known as an online friend for approximately three years.  He had become my “adopted big brother” (because my actual older brother is a bit of a prat), but things have shifted a bit the last couple of weeks.  I had a bit of a crush on him for a fair amount of time, but I always buried it and ignored it, because his friendship is really valuable to me, and I didn’t want to fuck it up.  Well, things came to light that we both are interested in each other, so now I don’t feel guilty at all for flirting.  Not only that, we had talked about hanging out previously, but it was always as a vague “Oh man, we totally need to do that sometime!” rather than anything definite.  Since things have changed/since I’m going to have a bit of money, I’m planning to go visit him the end of June, which I’m really looking forward to.  I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone who makes me so flustered or makes me blush so much, in my entire life.  Humorous, but awkward.  Go figure.

In short, I’m keeping myself busy, keeping myself entertained, and plotting for the future.  Here’s hoping that by the next time I post I’ll be a nationally certified phlebotomy technician, have my driver’s license, and have ironed out the wrinkles regarding going back to college this fall (I applied for FAFSA ages ago, etc, I just need to figure out where I’ll be living).

Cheers, lovelies.  Take care of yourselves

Slowly but surely

I’m making progress with.. well, the things I’m working on at Job Corps.  I’ve gotten my GED, became a certified nursing assistant, and am working on becoming a certified phlebotomy technician.  I’m working on being more fit/losing weight and should have my driver’s license before I leave here.  Kind of a wonky story about why I don’t already have one, considering I’m turning 25 this summer (way too tired to go into it right this second).  It isn’t because I was bad/did anything wrong/got in trouble, though.  Um, I’ve gotten back into knitting.  I’ve been doing the Insanity workout.  I read like a fiend on my Kindle.  Otherwise my life is pretty god damn boring.

I really only am writing this post to let folks know I’m still alive and am in fact working my butt off.  Medical terms and abbreviations can die in a fire.  I think I may be a victim of encephalorrhexis from all of it…  Brain rupture?  Oh yeah.  Good times, baby!  I KNOW I’m dealing with chirospasms from all the notes and flash cards.  Writer cramp, woo.

I do have a play weekend to look forward to, at the beginning of April.  Any breaks from Job Corps are good things.  Cheers, lovelies


I go back to Job Corps at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow.  Winter Break is over, boo…  Back to dorm life, idiot teenagers, shit food, and staff who don’t give a damn about the students.  At least I’ve gotten to catch up on sleep while at my Dad’s.  I’ve gotten to eat a lot of super tasty food, too.  Probably too much of it, in fact.  I have to hit the ground running when I get back to campus.  I want to keep up the trend with my weight loss and fitness.  Once more, I won’t be able to post on here or check, well, anything, really online.  Filtered internet = teh suck.  If you get caught using proxies or connecting your wireless device to their wifi you’ll be in deep shit.  So, if folks need to get in touch with me, there’s email and text messages.

Hope everyone’s start to 2013 is fantastic


I start Job Corp tomorrow.  I won’t be allowed to use my laptop for approximately a month.  If I can access it/Wordpress on my laptop after that point, I’ll continue posting on here.  If I can’t access WordPress, well, I won’t be posting until December (or sooner if I go somewhere that has unrestricted/monitored wifi I can use.

In other news I still apparently don’t fucking understand human beings at all.  I swear, I must be of a different species or something because every single time I think I am starting to figure out how people work… I’m proven wrong.  Thanks so much, life.  I really love being kicked when I’m already down.