I’m strongly thinking of changing the direction of my blog/twitter/etc towards being game focused… instead of kink/relationship/life focused.  I’m just not doing as much pervy stuff lately and my gaming addiction is as strong as ever.  I just picked up Open Broadcaster Software and might start making some videos.  I have a Twitch TV account too.  Hopefully readers will find my possible new direction entertaining!

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 primarily, but I also play Skyrim and other titles.  I’m on a desktop PC, whose components are (sadly) about five and a half years old.  I have an Astro Gaming 2013 A40 headset, Corsair K70 keyboard, and Logitech G500 mouse as far as peripherals.  I have an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7200 @2.53GHz with 4GB of RAM.  I had been gifted a video card a few years back, so I have a ATI Radeon HD 5570.

6000 Views & One Year Gone

I am extraordinarily happy to say that I’ve had over six thousand views now, in the just barely over one year that I’ve posted to/maintained this blog.  Thank you -so- much, everyone!

As a reward/perk, feel free to leave a comment with a request for a photo of myself doing something/in a particular pose that you would like me to take and I’ll pick one from however many comments I get.  The only rules to this is it has to be something I can do reasonably easily on my own, with my camera phone (I am lacking someone that I would ask to help me take a picture), and I will have nothing to do with scat/piss/necrophilia and certain other things.  It will be at my discretion 😛  Fortunately I’m a fairly open minded perverse bitch.  Enjoy ❤

P.S. The deadline to get a comment/request/suggestion for the photo is September 14th.

Fay made a blog!

No, really I did!   I’ll be using this as a place to detail shenanigans as they happen, if people are interested. 🙂  This is not going to be a child friendly blog, I’m going to be talking about my lifestyle as a kinky adult who works as a web cam hostess, as well as day to day occurrences.

Insert bio here:  I was born in August of 1988, I’ve not been a student since I was 17 during which I was a college student my junior and senior years of high school.  I’ve been learning about sexual and kinky things since before I really should have been, find them fascinating to this day, and think it’s freaking awesome that I can (hopefully) support myself doing them.  I’m a pc, tabletop rpg, handheld, and console gamer.  My online pseudonym is derived from the fantastic book series Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey.  It’s also where my current one and only tattoo is inspired from.  I like the body modification culture as well (piercings, tattoos, and some of the more intense things like implants and suspension).  I’ve been involved in my city’s local fetish/bdsm/sex positive community since I was legally able to do so.  I’m a submissive female, who has strong interest in pet play, along the vein of kitty play.  I’ve greatly enjoyed being tied up, flogged, bitten, and other such things, as well as having enjoyed sharper sensations.

To those who might make derisive comments:  Yes, I am a relatively short, curvy woman.  Yes, I have a tattoo and am in double digits with my piercings.  I’m beautiful in my own way, and any who are critical of such, I really don’t care.  Go elsewhere, I don’t want to deal with any QQing.