Attempting to Stream

As far as I can tell from discussing OBS settings with a few people, I shouldn’t have any problems there.  I’m using an i7 CPU and haven’t had any problems running things as far as my computer’s capabilities in general.  The internet I use is usually at 10 ping at most and the minimum DL/UL typically hovers around 40 mbps/20 mbps respectively, but I’ve seen it as high as 90 mbps/65 mbps.   I haven’t dropped a single frame thus far.  However, my stream gets completely disrupted periodically, and I’m not sure why.  It’s very frustrating.  I’m also sticking to only playing games that I don’t mind playing in a windowed mode for the moment.  I want to watch my channel’s chat and to interact with viewers, and without a secondary monitor nor having wifi I can use for my net book, options are limited.

Lately I’ve been playing Binding of Isaac with some Diablo 3 thrown in here and there.  I’m burnt out on Borderlands 2.  I picked up Osu! recently which I am remarkably bad at.  I also rediscovered how much fun Audiosurf is.  105 games on Steam, not enough time for all of them!  I still don’t have a set stream schedule unfortunately, because too many things in my life are up in the air.  I really appreciate the folks who have helped me get to where I am already, though.  Ryokorhm for my computer, Ninjaunwanted for some games, and Ishnoob for the BL2 TK Baha pack plus chocolate.  I also want to thank those of you have Followed me on Twitch.  I hope I am able to provide some consistent entertainment for everybody.  I just need to iron out a few wrinkles.

Diablurh 3 Hardcore

I started playing with the first  of the three games, and have played a ridiculous amount of all.  Particularly the second one.  I never played hard core in D2 however.  I made my first HC character, a wizard, a few weeks back.  She died at level 12.  My second HC character was also a wizard.  She was almost at paragon 25 and had pretty spiffy gear, 99% of which had been given to me.  Hundreds of millions of gold worth.  No idea how she died, either.  Unstable Anomaly didn’t go off.  I went from full health to dead.  Incredibly frustrating.  I feel really bad about the people who gave me gear, even though all of them seem to have shrugged it off.  They told me to just start a new character and try again.

If I do Twitch stream some Diablo 3, in addition to playing Skyrim (which is the top choice so far from ) I’ll PROBABLY not be playing HC.  Too frustrating.  😦  On the upside, I’m supposed to get my hands on my new computer on Monday.  And I have my headset back, and the mic is properly working.  Thus far.

Computer, woo!

I’m supposed to be getting my new computer on Monday, which is freaking AMAZING.  I got my A40s back from the manufacturer, supposedly they’re fixed.  I haven’t been able to test this, because they forgot to return the USB-to-mix amp cord, which is also the power.  They just shipped it (or possibly a replacement) today.  I managed to get my Justin TV/Twitch TV account mix-up sorted out.  I just need to get that cord back for my headset, and I should hopefully be set up to start doing streams of my own!  I was wondering what people might want to see me play.  I have a rather extensive list of games on Steam.  I’ve mostly been playing Diablo 3 lately, but I started playing Skyrim a month or so ago too.  I also play Borderlands 2, of course.

On the flip side of that, I need to figure out OBS.  Like… damn.  I’ve been poking at it some, but it’s going to take me a little bit to figure it out, unless someone helps me out.  Or I could stop being lazy and go look on Google for a set-up walk through thing.  Or on youtube.  Eh.  I’ll get it sorted out.

I definitely won’t get to broadcast as much as I would like, at least not right now, because I’m effectively taking 20 credits this quarter.  Hurray! \o/

Idle Rambling 3/19/12

Firstly, holy crap there is finally an official release date out for Diablo 3! 05 : 15 : 12!  Hurray!

Secondly, I saw what you get when ordering the Collector’s Edition for Guild War’s 2 and.. now I really want it.  I’m trying to not see any spoilers for Mass Effect 3.  I still haven’t gotten to play either of the first two.  I only picked them up during Steam’s holiday sales this year.  Since my internet sucks so incredibly hard, I cannot download/install them however.  Sigh.  I’ve been spending a somewhat disgustingly large amount of time playing the first Witcher game of late.  I got 45 hours in and….. the game pretty much imploded.  None of the saves I had allowed me to recover normal play either.  So I restarted from the beginning.  The game crashes way too much.  Very irritating.  I like the play style.  I like not having a black/white “This is good, this is evil” in regards to choices I make.  I like that my actions do have consequences.  I swear that the NPCs cheat at the in-game game of dice poker.  The sex cards are amusing.  I wish there were slightly more options for gear, but oh well…  My peeves about the game: you can’t jump at all (not even over something a foot tall), no auto-run, and some weirdness with being able to access your item storage.  I had been working on a little optional quest pretty much throughout the entire game so that I could get a specific sword.  I was fucking pissed off when I discovered you could only access your storage ONCE at the beginning of chapter 5.  So all that work to get the sword was wasted.  Couldn’t get it.  Yes, I was pretty much doing every optional thing possible in the game.

I’ve been dabbling in Scribblenauts, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, as well as Pokemon White on my DS.  I’m kind of thinking that Pokemon Black/White 2 sounds like a super fucking cheap cop out by Nintendo.  I mean, really?  You couldn’t just have a Pokemon Grey or something, to do the usual trifecta of generational Pokemon games?  I’ve been thinking I need to give Zelda: Spirit Tracks another try too.  I played about an hour shortly after I got it and just couldn’t get into the game.  To further pass time I’ve been reading lots on my Kindle.  I’ve finished all the books out for Game of Thrones.  I’ve started Wheel of Time as well as Sword of Truth, and Myth Adventures.  By G.R.R Martin, Robert Jordan, Terry Goodkind, and Robert Asprin respectively.  Finished up Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain…

The current series I’m curling up in bed and reading until I fall asleep with is the Gor novels by John Norman.  To me they’re amusingly bad.  I do think some people have inner tendencies towards submission or dominance.  However.  A solid breakdown of it only being one gender is complete and utter crap.  Also, the casual discussion of rape is decidedly not okay.  I find it amusing when I’m on sites like FetLife that some people say they’re a Gorean slave girl.  Especially when all of them who I’ve personally encountered don’t follow the basic tenants of what that would mean.  If you’re going to do something, don’t half ass it!  If you’re going to be a slave, awesome.  But don’t say you’re something that is so specific when you’re not fucking “doing it right”.  That’s about as close as I’ll get to saying there’s a twue way to do anything.  It isn’t that I think all slaves should be Gorean.  It isn’t that I think there’s anything wrong with being kinky, un-dominant, and not wanting to be a slave.  However, if you’ve read a couple of books by John Norman you get quite a feel for what he thinks a Gorean slave girl is.  I’ve yet to run into one. This just ties in with my general annoyance with people bullshitting others.  There is nothing wrong with not being something.  But don’t say you are x, y, and z when you’re NOT x, y, and z.  Be yourself, whatever that might be.  Well, except for being a serial killer, rapist, child molester, etc.

I’m still trying to see if I can get into an IT Program that seems rather promising.  I’m getting up at a rather early hour to go to a dentist… very unexciting.  I had 3 wisdom teeth out last summer and the last one is coming in now.  Also, need to see about getting my teeth cleaned.  Being broke + uninsured sucks.  I’ve been becoming a lot more diligent lately about keeping my teeth in nice shape, not really sure why.  Just another thing for me to obsess over I suppose.  I also determined that jogging isn’t going to fly with a wonky knee.  Need to figure out something else I can do for cardio…  I want to get my fat ass into shape 😉

Enough rambling for now.  Hope everyone had a nice Saint Patrick’s Day as well as a pleasant upcoming Ostara/Easter/etc