Slowly but surely

I’m making progress with.. well, the things I’m working on at Job Corps.  I’ve gotten my GED, became a certified nursing assistant, and am working on becoming a certified phlebotomy technician.  I’m working on being more fit/losing weight and should have my driver’s license before I leave here.  Kind of a wonky story about why I don’t already have one, considering I’m turning 25 this summer (way too tired to go into it right this second).  It isn’t because I was bad/did anything wrong/got in trouble, though.  Um, I’ve gotten back into knitting.  I’ve been doing the Insanity workout.  I read like a fiend on my Kindle.  Otherwise my life is pretty god damn boring.

I really only am writing this post to let folks know I’m still alive and am in fact working my butt off.  Medical terms and abbreviations can die in a fire.  I think I may be a victim of encephalorrhexis from all of it…  Brain rupture?  Oh yeah.  Good times, baby!  I KNOW I’m dealing with chirospasms from all the notes and flash cards.  Writer cramp, woo.

I do have a play weekend to look forward to, at the beginning of April.  Any breaks from Job Corps are good things.  Cheers, lovelies